Tattoo Art

Celtic Tattoo Art Style and Substance:

Among the various popular genres of art used in tattooing, Celtic art is likely among the most distinctive. There are many different types of Celtic and Celtic-inspired art from which one might choose. The intricate detail work for which this style of art is known has made its impact very apparent in other types of artwork, such as tribal and various styles of abstraction. Celtic art itself, however, is not particularly abstract though it tends to be very stylized. Whether it's representing one's heritage or just representing one's taste in art, these designs remain very popular.

Among the most well-known types of Celtic tattoo art is the Celtic knot. These designs consist of undulating lines and very detailed decoration, usually in the middle portion of the larger lines. The scrollwork effects that characterize this type of art make it excellent for those who want a tattoo that's meant to be viewed close up and, when tattoo artists are looking for a piece of work that represents their skilled hand, it's hard to beat the visual impact of the fine detail involved in creating Celtic and Celtic-inspired designs.

Celtic culture is from whence come the stories and beliefs of the Druids and many of the traditions and beliefs that characterize neo-Paganism and Wicca. Many of the symbols in this artwork trace their roots back to these ancient beliefs. For example, stylized trees are very popular in this genre. The Druids revered trees, particularly oaks, and this symbol of the natural world is oftentimes represented in very unique and memorable ways in Celtic art. Animals are also popular and they benefit from being rendered in the same distinctive style as are all the other elements found in this genre.

Choosing a Celtic design takes some consideration. Many of these tattoos look the best if they're situated on a fairly flat area of the body where they can be shown all at once rather than being wrapped around the arm or another limb. Some of them have color and some are only black and white. Where color is concerned, dark greens tend to offset the black work quite nicely and add a touch of this ancient culture's connection to the natural world. Some individuals choose bold colors for these tattoos. Generally, the more colors used the less traditional the art will look though the overall effect will still be quite appealing.

Celtic designs are particularly favored by those who wish to show some spiritual connection to the Earth. Designs which feature a circle wherein all of the four seasons are artistically represented are particularly popular. Other examples of this include designs which feature both the characteristic scrollwork and other detail which is infused with abstractions of various symbols of the natural world. These designs are particularly popular in circular configurations which makes them ideal for the upper arms of males and the back shoulders on females. Armbands which incorporate such designs are also very popular choices.