Celtic Butterfly Tattoo

Celtic Butterfly Tattoos
One good thing about the People can never guess exactly what it means to the person wearing it. These symbolisms only add up to the beauty and mystery of the butterfly design. In the world of tattoo art, Celtic butterfly tattoos symbolize the positive aspects of life such as grace and peace contrary to other people's beliefs which associate butterfly with death and rebirth.

However, in Ireland, butterflies also symbolize dead souls waiting to enter the purgatory. For some, they symbolize metamorphosis and beautiful transformation or change. Celtic butterflies also symbolize resurrection or life after death. The Celtic butterfly tattoo can be done by forming the knots to form the image of a butterfly.

This is because knots are symbolisms of the continuity of the life cycle. In fact, Celts are popular for a lot of knot work designs. There are many ways in which the Celtic butterfly tattoo can be enhanced and styled. It looks good whether it is worn alone or used as an add-on.

In fact, it is a relatively common concept in tattoo art. It is for this reason that the Celtic butterfly tattoo is usually incorporated in a lot of tattoo themes and designs among both men and women. Although these tattoo designs are generally more favored by women, there are some men who also get fascinated by the versatility of this design. Celtic butterfly tattoos are attractive, colorful and very distinctive. This legend is a story that symbolizes love, treachery and transformation. The legend of Etain was the inspiration for numerous Celtic butterfly tattoos.