Triskele tattoo with orbs

Hm, I rather like the "orb" thingies. And I lacked inspiration, so tadaaa, a triskel tattoo design again.
triskele design

Ornamental with wings

Tattoo design of a kind of ornamental jewel with orbs and wings...
ornamental tattoo design

On a side note (and completely unrelated), I like that idea : Journalism warning labels. Sometimes I wish I could stick those on some newspaper articles, before they're on sale.

Violet Leopard Butterfly & tribal

Pink/violet butterfly with a leopard pattern.
violet butterfly design
And a simple symetrical tribal tattoo...
symetrical tribal

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The funny thing is that I though I had a quite original idea doing this, but... for one, leopard butterflies do exist in reality (but not in violet, see Phalanta phalantha), and also, several persons already did that kind of butterfly with a big cat pattern (for example this one looks pretty nice).
So much for my "original" idea, heh :p

Plumeria / frangipani flowers

This place was starting to lack colors. :)
Flowers with a background inspired by some tattoos.
plumeria tattoo

I tend to like grey tats more than colourful ones. But drawing in colour is fun - even if I often tend to forget it.
Of course once again I had to fight with my scanner to get the right colors. No, actually, I had to re-color it with darker shades, because the very pale pink and blue didn't show up on the scan. 

Oh... and I've reached 20 messages. Incredible (for me) :D